Tosheng Hair Straightener Brush Review

Do you use any products to straighten your hair? If so, you should consider trying the TOSHENG Hair Straightener Brush. It is so easy to use! It takes about 60 second to heat, so it is super quick!

When I straighten my hair, or my daughter’s hair, I usually brush through from scalp to tip twice slowly, and my work is finished! This straightener also has an auto shut off after 30 minutes, in case you forget.

  • Fast straighten your hair, quicker heating and straightening than the traditional hair straightener.
  • Provided with Anti-scald barrier, locking temperature and 30 minutes auto shut-off function for safety usage.
  • Less moisture loss from hair in the straightening process, prevents split ends, and aids in repairing damaged hair.
  • Easily detangles hair knots and effectively massages the scalp, relaxes tension, and helps reduce fatigue.
  • Free to switch between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing simultaneously “+” and “-” key.


I was provided this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinions.

You can get your very own straightener at

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